Nail Enhancements and Treatments for
Hands and Feet

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PolyGel Full-Set
PolyGel is a Hybrid product in the industry. It combines the Strength of Acrylic with the Gentleness of Gel. There are many ways to create amazing, one of a kind Designs and I am always up for a challenge to expand my skills.
Artistic Gel Forms (No Artificial Tip Used)
This is a full nail enhancement created by using a form from you natural nail. No Tip is needed for this service. However, due to the time and skill this service needs it is a more costly and time consuming, when doing a full-set.

Manicure with Gel Polish
​​ This is Perfect for those who Just want to enhance the look of their natural Nail.
Gel Polish and Nail art are optional. however, for a longer wearing mani, Gel is recommended.

This Treatment includes -
Soak and Clean
Buff, shape and Polish
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